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Keymoar Lopez

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Right now I’m sure that you are probably thinking that you have never met a good Loan Officer, let alone a great one. Allow me to define one for you.

A great loan officer has the experience, knowledge, drive and determination to make it happen. A great loan officer has surrounded themselves with a professional, dedicated team that employs a proven system of success. A great loan officer is available when you need him/her and is able to deliver results even in the toughest situations. A great loan officer is clear and concise in their communications with all the parties involved.

I have the experience, knowledge and determination that you are entitled to. We have developed and execute a system so organized that loans close on timely matters. I feel that one of the most vital roles of a loan officer is communication; you will never be left wondering what happened to your loan. You can have confidence in my entire staff, their dedication and professionalism is second to none.

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